Buy Porcelain Slab for Your Next Home Renovation in the GTA

How to Choose and Buy the Right Type of Porcelain

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has a scale that tests the resistance of the surface in relation to the wear and traffic the surface can endure without causing damage to its appearance. Rated from 0-5, the information can help you make sure you are selecting the right tile for your project:

Group 0

Tiles are technically unsuitable for floors. These are generally used as wall tiles.

Group 1 or PEI 1

Tiles are suitable only for locations where softer footwear is worn or where shoes are not frequently used, e.g., residential bathroom or other areas with light traffic. Also for interior commercial and residential walls.

Group 2 or PEI II

Tiles are suitable for general residential traffic, for areas that are walked on by soft soled or normal footwear with very small amounts of scratching and dirt. They are not suited for the kitchen, entrance halls, stairs and other areas subjected to heavy traffic.

Group 3 or PEI 3

Tiles are suitable for all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas, boutiques, interior walls, countertops and residential bathroom floors. Not recommended for commercial entryway.

Group 4 or PEI 4

Tiles are suitable for regular traffic. Recommended for medium commercial and light institutional use, such as restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.

Group 5 or PEI 5

Tiles are suitable for areas with heavy traffic, abrasive dirt and moisture, and where safety and maximum performance are required. Examples are shopping malls, public buildings, building entrances, swimming pools, or shopping centres.
Based on the scale above, for home renovation needs in the GTA, porcelain slab can be great for:
  • High-Traffic Floors
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor spaces

Porcelain Slab for Flooring

Porcelain is extremely hard and durable and not prone to scratches, it is an excellent product to consider for flooring. Its sleek, clean look gives your entryway an elevated, elegant feel. Water on the floor or spilled drinks are not a concern when you have porcelain, since it is non-porous.

Porcelain Slab for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Heat resistance, durability and impermeable nature make porcelain a first-rate option for kitchens. Unlike other stone countertops, heat will not damage or crack your porcelain countertop. Using a higher grade enamel will ensure the porcelain will not crack, and being impermeable to stains and spills make clean-up a breeze. Plus, you have the added benefit of it being easy to sanitize and keep germ-free!

Porcelain for Outdoor Applications

A strong argument for using porcelain tiles outdoors is that it is UV resistant. It will not fade over time by being constantly subjected to the rays of the sun. It can be used as an outdoor table, bar-top or as floor tiles for your patio or outdoor living space. It can also be manufactured in an array of colours to suit any décor!
For any of these suggestions, plus many more, it is best to seek the advice of a trained professional. Consider buying porcelain slabs to give your home in the GTA that sleek, sophisticated look you have been searching for.